Centipedes are common arthropods found in the Southeastern United States, including states like Georgia. While there are various species, they are characterized by their elongated, segmented bodies, each segment bearing a pair of legs. Centipedes are primarily nocturnal hunters, preying on insects and small invertebrates. While generally harmless to humans, some centipede species can deliver a mild, venomous bite. Windward Pest Services understands the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment for homeowners in the Southeast.

Our professional services are equipped to address centipede infestations effectively, providing solutions that consider the specific needs and concerns of residents. By employing environmentally conscious methods, Windward Pest Services strives to manage centipede issues while ensuring the well-being of both households and the surrounding ecosystem.

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Types of Centipedes

The Southeastern United States is home to a variety of centipede species, each exhibiting unique characteristics. Common species include the House Centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata), recognized for its long legs and rapid movements indoors; the Eastern Bark Centipede (Hemiscolopendra marginata), found in wooded areas and known for its reddish-brown coloration; and the Soil Centipede (Geophilomorpha), which inhabits soil and leaf litter. Additionally, the Tiger Centipede (Scolopendra polymorpha) is a large, predatory species with distinctive yellow and black markings.

While centipedes play a beneficial role in controlling insect populations, some homeowners may seek professional services to manage infestations or address concerns related to specific centipede species. Windward Pest Services offers expert solutions tailored to the diverse centipede fauna in the Southeast, ensuring effective pest management while considering the well-being of residents and the surrounding environment.

Centipedes Library

Eastern Bark Centipede

(Hemiscolopendra Marginata)

Found in wooded areas, this species is known for its reddish-brown coloration.

a large Eastern Bark Centipede on a wood surface

House Centipede

(Scutigera Coleoptrata)

Recognized for its long legs and rapid movements, the house centipede is common indoors in the Southeast.

House Centipede

Soil Centipede


Inhabiting soil and leaf litter, soil centipedes are diverse and play a role in the Southeast's ecosystems.

a snake on the ground

Tiger Centipede

(Scolopendra Polymorpha)

A large predatory species with distinctive yellow and black markings, the tiger centipede is found in the Southeast.

a tiger centipede on a rock

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What types of centipedes are common in the Southeastern United States?


Common centipede species include the House Centipede, Eastern Bark Centipede, Soil Centipede, and Tiger Centipede.

Q Are centipedes harmful to humans or structures in the Southeast?


Centipedes are generally harmless but can be a nuisance; professional services can address infestations and alleviate concerns.

Q Why are centipedes attracted to homes in the Southeast?


Centipedes seek shelter and prey on insects indoors; Windward Pest Services offers solutions to manage centipede invasions effectively.

Q Can centipedes pose risks to vegetation or gardens?


While centipedes primarily prey on insects, some homeowners may have concerns; professional services can address potential issues.

Q How can I identify signs of a centipede infestation in my home?


Signs include the presence of centipedes indoors, especially in damp areas; professional inspection can confirm an infestation.

Q Are centipedes associated with specific environments in the Southeast?


Centipedes are commonly found in damp areas, but species vary in habitat preferences; Windward Pest Services considers these factors in pest management.

Q Can centipede infestations be prevented in homes?


Windward Pest Services provides preventive measures, such as moisture control and sealing entry points, to reduce the likelihood of centipede infestations.

Q Do centipedes carry diseases?


Centipedes do not transmit diseases; however, their presence can be a concern, and professional services can address related issues.

Q Are there eco-friendly methods for managing centipede issues?


Windward Pest Services prioritizes environmentally conscious solutions to manage centipede infestations, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Q How quickly can Windward Pest Services respond to centipede-related concerns in the Southeast?


We prioritize prompt service, offering swift and efficient solutions to address centipede infestations and alleviate concerns for homeowners in the Southeast.

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