Navigating the Seasons: A Guide to Seasonal Pest Control in Atlanta

Navigating the Seasons: A Guide to Seasonal Pest Control in Atlanta

As the seasons change, so do the pest control needs of homeowners in Atlanta. Understanding the patterns of pest activity throughout the year is essential for effective pest management and protection of your property. At Windward Pest Services, we're here to provide you with insights into seasonal pest control and what to expect in Atlanta.


  • In spring, as temperatures rise and flowers bloom, pests become more active. Common pests during this season include ants, termites, and mosquitoes. It's essential to schedule a thorough pest inspection to detect any signs of infestation early on and prevent them from becoming a more significant issue.


  • Summer brings warmer temperatures and increased humidity, creating ideal conditions for pests to thrive. Ants, mosquitoes, and stinging insects such as wasps and bees are prevalent during this time. Regular pest control treatments can help keep these pests at bay and protect your home from invasion.


  • As temperatures start to cool down in fall, rodents like mice and rats may seek shelter indoors, leading to potential infestations. Additionally, termites may become more active as they forage for food sources. Termite coverage is crucial year-round, but especially in fall when termites are most active in Georgia.


  • While pest activity may decrease in winter, certain pests like rodents and cockroaches may still be active indoors, seeking warmth and shelter. It's essential to maintain regular pest control services even during the colder months to prevent infestations and protect your home.

Regardless of the season, having termite coverage is essential for homeowners in Georgia, where termites are a significant threat. Windward Pest Services offers comprehensive termite coverage to protect your home from costly termite damage year-round.

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