Asian Lady Beetles

Asian Lady Beetles

In the Southeastern United States, Asian lady beetles, though not inherently harmful, have become a common concern for homeowners. Recognizable by their diverse colors, ranging from orange to yellow, and distinctive markings, these beetles may seek shelter in homes, leading to potential inconvenience. Windward Pest Services understands the challenges posed by Asian lady beetle infestations and offers effective solutions tailored to the unique conditions of the Southeast.

Our professional services not only address existing problems promptly but also focus on preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of recurring issues. With eco-friendly options and a commitment to minimizing any potential impact on homes and the environment, Windward Pest Services stands as a reliable partner in managing and preventing Asian lady beetle infestations in the Southeast.

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Types of Asian Lady Beetles

These Asian lady beetles are often attracted to homes seeking shelter, especially during the cooler months. While they are generally harmless to humans, their presence can be a nuisance, and professional pest management services, such as those offered by Windward Pest Services, can provide effective solutions to address and prevent infestations.

Asian Lady Beetles Library

Coccinella Septempunctata

While not native to the U.S., the seven-spotted lady beetle has become established. Recognized by its red or orange color with seven black spots, it is commonly found in gardens and agricultural areas.

Coccinella Septempunctata Beetle; Lady Bug

Harmonia Axyridis

Also known as the multicolored Asian lady beetle, it exhibits various color patterns, including orange, red, and yellow. This species is prevalent and adaptable, often found in both urban and rural environments.

Harmonia Axyridis Beetle; Lady Bug

Harmonia Sedecimnotata

Known as the sixteen-spotted lady beetle, it has distinct markings with sixteen spots on its elytra. This species is less common than some others but can still be encountered.

a ladybug on a leaf

Harmonia Yedoensis

Native to East Asia, this species has also been introduced to the U.S. It is similar in appearance to Harmonia axyridis, featuring various colors and variable spot patterns.

Harmonia Yedoensis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are Asian lady beetles harmful, and why are they prevalent in the Southeastern United States?


While not harmful, Asian lady beetles are common in the Southeast due to favorable environmental conditions.

Q What do Asian lady beetles look like, and how can I distinguish them from other lady beetles?


Asian lady beetles have various colors, ranging from orange to yellow, and often have an "M" or "W" shape on their pronotum.

Q Are Asian lady beetles attracted to homes, and how can I prevent their entry?


They may enter homes seeking shelter; sealing entry points and maintaining screens can help prevent infestations.

Q Do Asian lady beetles pose any health risks or damage to property?


They are not harmful to humans but can release a yellow substance that may stain surfaces; preventive measures can minimize issues.

Q What attracts Asian lady beetles to my home, and how can I reduce their attraction?


They are attracted to light-colored buildings; reducing exterior lighting and sealing gaps help decrease their attraction.

Q Can Windward Pest Services effectively control Asian lady beetle infestations?


Yes, our professional services include targeted treatments to manage and prevent Asian lady beetle issues.

Q Are there eco-friendly options for Asian lady beetle control?


Windward Pest Services offers environmentally conscious solutions to address Asian lady beetle problems.

Q How quickly can Windward Pest Services respond to Asian lady beetle infestations?


We prioritize prompt service, aiming to address Asian lady beetle issues swiftly and efficiently.

Q Can Asian lady beetles infest gardens, and how can gardeners protect their plants?


While they may be present in gardens, Windward Pest Services provides solutions to protect plants from Asian lady beetle impact.

Q What steps can homeowners take to prevent recurring Asian lady beetle problems after treatment?


Following our post-treatment recommendations, such as regular inspections and preventive measures, helps maintain a beetle-free environment.

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